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It’s time to bring back a personal, mystical connection with the Divine ...
and the sacred use of altered states is a time honored path for doing so.

For at least ten-thousand of years Altered States of Consciousness (ASCs) have been used to induce a Mystical Experience.  Fasting, meditation, chanting, sensory deprivation, ecstatic dance, and plant medicines have long been used to induce states of profound connectedness and spiritual transcendence.

There is a huge difference between using altered states for recreation, verses using them in a sacred manner. Properly used and in the right setting, ASCs can offer deep spiritual insights, emotional healing, and create an unparalleled state of communion with Divine Spirit, however it is seen.



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Next time you use your favorite inebriant try
 lighting a candle and sitting quietly in meditation
or prayer. You may be surprised by the experience!

“Altered states of consciousness have been given to humanity to enlighten, to heal, and to enrich our experiences on Earth. It's time they were restored to their proper place as the sacred instruments for our mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.”
Rev. Aryshta Dean




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