Entheogenic Facilitator Training


As the United States enters what is being called a Psychedelic Renaissance, there is an urgent need for qualified facilitators, both in Psychotherapy and Religious Services.

The Sacred Foundation provides education and certification for the safe, ethical, and spiritual application of traditional entheogenic practices. 


The 2022 academic year has started and classes are now beginning!





It’s time to bring back a personal, mystical connection with the Divine ...
and the sacred use of altered states is a time honored path for doing so.




Cannabis user?
 Next time, try lighting a candle and sitting
quietly in meditation or prayer. You may be surprised by the experience!

“Altered states of consciousness have been given to humanity to enlighten, to heal, and to enrich our experiences on Earth. It's time they were restored to their proper place as the sacred instruments for our mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.”  - Rev. Aryshta Dean




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