The religious use of altered states has been around for as long as humans have had religion. Since the beginning of time people have used meditation, fasting, sensory deprivation, ecstatic dance, and plant medicines to create states of profound connectedness and spiritual transcendence.

Today most people have no knowledge of this history -- they simply view altered states either as dangerous or as an opportunity for a recreational "high."  ASCs can provide a unique state of metacognition and expanded spiritual awareness. In the proper setting these states can offer deep spiritual insights, emotional healing, comfort to the dying, and create an unparalleled state of communion with the Divine.

It’s time to bring this sacred personal connection back to humanity.

The Sacred Foundation teaches the intentional, respectful use of altered states to create a mystical experience using techniques and methodologies handed down through the ages.


Help us restore altered states of consciousness to their original role of gateways to spiritual transcendence and enlightenment ...