Entheogenic End-of-Life Facilitator Training

In 2018, the “Right-To-Try” Act (Senate bill S.204) was signed into law, allowing patients diagnosed with life-threatening conditions to have access to “investigational drugs” that have passed clinical trials. Psilocybin is one such drug, which has been labeled a “breakthrough therapy” by the FDA.

Psilocybin Therapy is legal in Oregon
and has been decriminalized in over a dozen cities nationwide!

In response to the dramatic social and legal shift in America, the Sacred Foundation now provides educational programs, retreats, seminars, and conferences to bring awareness and inform the public to the psycho-spiritual applications of Psilocybin in palliative care.


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Timothy Leary said 80% of the psychedelic experience
was “set and setting”  -- it’s why there are ”good trips” and “bad trips”.


The Sacred Foundation Teaches the 5000 year old art
of the Ceremonial Use of Entheogens.


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“Altered states of consciousness have been given to humanity to enlighten, to heal, and to enrich our experiences on Earth. It's time they were restored to their proper place as the sacred instruments for our mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.”
               - Rev. Aryshta Dean








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    entheogen web imageWhat is an entheogen?

    The term Entheogen is from the Greek, Entheos and Genesis, meaning, "creating the divine within", to define a psychedelic substance used in a religious, shamanic, or spiritual context. It refers to the specific ceremonial use of a psychoactive substance to induce an altered state of consciousness to bring a person closer to his or her own perspective of God. This is commonly referred to as the Mystical Experience

    The Sacred Foundation teaches End-of-Life
    Doulas, Chaplains, and healthcare professionals the safe, effective, and time honored methods of providing this Entheogenic Mystical Experience.



Psilocybin Mushrooms are now legal for therapeutic use
in Oregon and decriminalized in over a dozen major cities.

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There is no more important time for an individual to connect with the Divine --
to God, and the Universe -- than when nearing death.

Providing the Mystical Experience to ease the fear and depression
of end-of-life anxiety is now accessible -- and in demand!


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    Studies show that Psilocybin therapy, when administered properly, is effective in relieving
    emotional and existential distress at the end of life for 65-85% of terminally ill people in clinical
    trials. There are no lasting negative effects and many significant and enduring positive benefits.