In response to the dramatic social and legal shift in America, the Sacred Foundation is creating educational programs, retreats, seminars, and conferences to bring awareness and inform the public to the psycho-spiritual applications of entheogens in spiritual and palliative care. These programs will range from free lectures and on-line webinars, to comprehensive leadership training and advanced practitioner certification. To accomplish these goals, the Foundation has created four strategic objectives:


  • To create cost-effective, web-based video programs for the education and certification of currently established end-of-life Doulas, Chaplains, and healthcare providers in the safe and sacred use of entheogens.
  • To provide an advanced program for the education and certification of a new breed of specialized, entheogenic, end-of-life Doulas.
  • To build a broad academic network of researchers, educators, and other professionals through lectures, seminars, and workshops to further broaden the scope of scientific research and social awareness of the psycho-spiritual uses of entheogens.
  • To establish an educational retreat center for the practical application of the principles being taught. This center will provide offices, video studios, classrooms, and residency space.





"Many look to their religious traditions during the dying process, but spirituality
encompasses much more than faith and traditions. It’s about creating a peaceful and comforting environment that may incorporate prayer, meditation, music, and candles.
This  is highly personalized and may provide the kind of signature departure that many boomers may demand." - Time (8/14/13)









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