The spiritual use of psychoactive substances has been around for at least five-thousand years and can be originally traced back to Ancient Egypt. Virtually every religion on Earth can find its roots in altered states, and the quest for the mystical experience is one of the quintessential expressions of human existence. Since the beginning of time people have used meditation, fasting, sensory deprivation, ecstatic dance – and psychedelics – to create states of profound cosmic connectedness and spiritual transcendence.

Today most people have no knowledge of this history -- they simply view psychedelics as either dangerous or simply as an opportunity for a recreational "high."  However, entheogens can provide a unique state of metacognition and expanded spiritual awareness. In the proper set and setting, these states can offer deep spiritual insights, emotional healing, comfort to the dying, and create an unparalleled state of communion with the Divine.



(Relief of the goddesses Demeter and Persephone exchanging mushrooms)


The Sacred Foundation now provides educational programs for the intentional, respectful use of entheogenic altered states to create a Mystical Experience using techniques and methodologies handed down through the ages.


Our mission is to help restore these altered states of consciousness to their original role of gateways to spiritual transcendence and enlightenment ...


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