The Sacred Foundation intends to create educational programs, retreats, seminars and conferences to bring awareness and educate the public to the psycho-spiritual applications of altered states. These programs will range from free lectures and on-line videos, to comprehensive leadership training and advanced practitioner certification.

To accomplish these goals, the Foundation will create four strategic programs, or "pillars" of this new "temple of the divine within":

    • Creating low-cost, web-based programs for the education and certification of established ministers, therapists, hospice, and healthcare providers in the safe and sacred use of altered states.
    • Providing an advanced, hands-on program for the education and certification of a new "priesthood" of specialized spiritual leaders and healers, to fully utilize, teach, and provide group ceremonial work using ASCs. 
    • Building a broad academic network of researchers, educators, clergy, and health professionals through lectures, seminars, and workshops to further broaden the scope of scientific research and social awareness of the psycho-spiritual uses of ASCs.
    • Establishing an educational and healing center for the practical application of the principles being taught, as a working example of what is possible within the field of altered states.


The Sacred Foundation is currently seeking crowd-sourced funding, which will enable the organization to acquire office space, video equipment, and to develop preliminary programs.